The capacity development club creates opportunities for students to experience many fields, become familiar with learning projects, foster capacity in strong areas and initially discover their own passions.



Main-course clubs at Alpha are organized for middle school students and operate according to a scientifically designed roadmap, suitable to the psychological characteristics of each age group to discover and develop each individual's abilities. pupil. Each week, children will have 2 main classes for the Club along with picnic and outside learning activities and will be evaluated regularly and continuously.

In grades 6 and 7, children will be able to participate in 5 clubs in 2 years:

Literature and History Club

Natural Science Club: Physics - Chemistry - Biology

Natural Sciences – Mathematics

English – Art Club

Informatics - Skills Club (Collective Education)

By grade 8 and 9, when they have a certain view of their own abilities, they enter a period of in-depth learning towards scientific research of each subject, helping students nurture their passion and orient their goals. Long-term  During high school, children receive 1:1 Coaching from their teachers to help them orient their careers so that when they enter grades 11 and 12, they will learn a breakthrough program and be determined to achieve their chosen goals.


Besides the main clubs, many clubs have been founded and run by Alpha students:

Alpha Dance Crew (ADC): Dance club.

Alpha Leader: Organizes, coordinates, participates in guiding general activities and events of the school.

Alpha Big Heart: Organize volunteer projects outside the School.

Alpha Basketball Club: Basketball Club.

Alpha Harmonia: Band Club by friend Ha My.

Alpha Art Club: Creative arts club.

Humans of Alpha: Club specializing in writing reports about Alpha humans.

Alpha Red Star: Self-managed team in terms of discipline.

Ceremonial Team: Specializes in organizing the main ceremonies of the School.

Members of these clubs are also students who make positive contributions to school activities, always strive to give back and achieve many high achievements in competitions inside and outside Alpha. You are a testament to the spirit of Self-control - Passion that Alpha always pursues.


In order for students to develop their strengths in many fields, the Secondary School Board has established more clubs coordinated by subject groups:

Applied Mathematics Club

Literary and Creative Corner Club

Natural Science Club – STEM

Social Science Club

Sports Club includes subjects: 1 Football class, 2 Basketball classes, 1 Badminton class, 1 Table Tennis class

Art Club

This space creates conditions for you to perfect and develop more skills in your favorite subjects. From there, it is easier for students to choose specialized subjects and their future direction.

Who will I be? What will I do? What kind of person will my picture be in 10 or 20 years? Alpha School hopes that the club playground will help children know how to ask questions and find answers for themselves.

Alpha school summer course

At Alpha School, we always create conditions for each student to freely develop, pursue their passion, develop comprehensively KNOWLEDGE - PHYSICAL - SKILLS and become brave warriors ready to conquer. future.

The Alpha High School admission exam will be held at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, May 7, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Alpha School:

ADDRESS: Admissions Office – Lot A26, Geleximco Urban Area, Nam An Khanh, Le Trong Tan Street, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

HOTLINE: 1900 7330


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