Alpha School is a pioneering education and training organization in creating inspirational teaching and learning methods, helping each student enjoy learning, discover their own strengths, and find passion and dreams; promote your own values.

The educational environment at Alpha School has synchronous coordination between: Family - School - Students

The Alpha School education system aims to build a comprehensive environment, starting from the foundation of core life values along with programs and teaching methods that target individual abilities suitable for each student. Each lesson helps students discover the beauty of each subject, gain interest in learning, practice discipline, build passion, practice willpower, thereby finding their true strengths and orienting themselves. future career and career.


This is proof of Alpha's pioneering innovation and continuous creativity to build a comprehensive educational environment, bringing practical benefits to students and parents, increasing competitive advantages for participating students. Study at the world's top schools.


In general, this is a comprehensive educational model tree for Alpha students including: Personality education; Develop skills and knowledge; 8 output criteria of a good citizen and a capable person

Cultural knowledge

Standard according to the distribution program of the Ministry of Education and Training and specialized according to personal capacity (especially with 3 subjects Math/Literature/English and specialized subjects), every 3 months there will be a promotion exam. group. Other subjects are organized in differentiated learning.

Attitude assessment

The school especially focuses on cultivating the 3 values RESPONSIBILITY - EFFORT - RESPECT in student learning, therefore has included attitude assessment results in the mid- and end-of-semester assessment results of students. . Intensive study hours: From grade 8, students can choose a subject according to their interests or strengths to have more time to learn and practice (Oriented to compete for excellent students or have time to practice the subject) .

Main club

Main-course clubs at Alpha are organized and operate according to a scientifically designed roadmap, suitable for age-group psychological characteristics to discover and develop the abilities of each student. The activities of the clubs are cross-cutting towards PERSONAL CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT. Each week there will be 2 MAIN COURSE PERIODS FOR THE CLUB along with picnic and outside learning activities and will be evaluated regularly and continuously. The club aims to carry out lessons in depth, helping students have more time to practice, experience reality, gain a deeper understanding of knowledge, and improve the applicability of the subject. A number of teaching activities are implemented in the club: projects, role-playing activities, presentations, group activities, field trips, watching videos, acting, making movies...


(15 lessons/week for Blocks 3 to 10; 12 lessons/week for Blocks 1, 2; 16 lessons/week for Language Talent class): English is one of the Alpha programs aiming at international standards with the is made up of a foundation English program and other supplementary and advanced programs. This is a subject that Alpha School focuses on divided into ability groups. Students have access to international standard programs through Math and Science lessons at the Primary - Secondary level; Language Art at high school level. At the same time, the blended learning method is also applied in middle and high school. Alpha Education System's English program is built with the goal of not only developing language skills and communication abilities but also developing thinking through language. Students' English learning results are evaluated based on the CEFR scale.

Sports & Arts

Alpha School always values the harmonious development of physical and artistic qualities. Students can choose subjects and activities in clubs according to their strengths

At Alpha School, we always create conditions for each student to freely develop, pursue their passion, develop comprehensively KNOWLEDGE - PHYSICAL - SKILLS and become brave warriors ready to conquer. future.

The Alpha High School admission exam will be held at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, May 7, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Alpha School:

ADDRESS: Admissions Office – Lot A26, Geleximco Urban Area, Nam An Khanh, Le Trong Tan Street, Hoai Duc, Hanoi

HOTLINE: 1900 7330


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