EQuest Group was founded on the principles of innovation, excellence and dedication by educators who are former international students from the US, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Currently, EQuest is one of the largest private educational organizations in Vietnam with more than 362,000 students studying each year at member units, including schools, universities, and colleges. vocational training, foreign language teaching and educational technology platforms.

For the General Education System, EQuest has been introducing accredited international educational programs into teaching in parallel with the current program (for example, English through Math and Science program, history using iSMART digital lectures). Students will study a combination of programs from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and internationally accredited programs. EQuest does not invest too much in infrastructure but will build general education schools according to the smart school model, operating on an information technology application platform, through advanced software in management. Finance, administration, organization of educational activities, management of teachers and students...

Cognia Accreditation Organization recognizes comprehensive quality accreditation.

From June 2022, EQuest Education Group and its member units in the Secondary School Division and the English Language and Educational Technology Division have been recognized by Cognia Accreditation Organization* (USA) to achieve comprehensive quality accreditation.

Through training programs according to international standards, we are committed to strengthening the competitiveness of generations of Vietnamese students by forming a comprehensive educational foundation and investing in human resource development. force.

EQuest always emphasizes the human factor, because this is the valuable asset that determines the development of the corporation. We always welcome candidates with a desire to contribute and a desire to work in a professional and dynamic environment.

One of EQuest's key strategies is talent management - Talent Management. We believe that an organization or a country can only lead when it knows how to utilize talent. We cannot compete in the world if excellent talents have to apply for jobs or wait for appointment. We are always proactive in finding and recruiting talents; and create all conditions for them to maximize their abilities.

With the motto "Reaching for perfection" - The Quest for Excellence, at EQuest, all members are encouraged and supported to learn more to improve their abilities. We pay special attention to human resource development through the implementation of online courses, on-site and centralized training courses, and encourage all employees to continuously update their knowledge and skills. new. On the group's public forum, we regularly share new information, good experiences, skills that can be applied immediately to work as well as inspirational messages.

All content is carefully selected to both help improve professional qualifications and nurture the spirit of each individual, so that each member becomes a worthy representative of EQuest in any situation. . At the same time, through the training system, we will contribute to improving the quality of human resources of Vietnamese businesses in general.

(*) Cognia (formerly AdvancED) has a history of more than 125 years, trusted by the US Department of Education in accrediting the quality of high schools throughout the US Education System. To date, Cognia is the world's leading accreditation organization, owning three recognized US Regional Accrediting Agencies (SACS CASI, NCA CASI and NWAC), and has accredited more than 40,000 schools worldwide. 85 countries.

  North Central Association for Educational Accreditation (NCA CASI);

  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and Schools Improvement Council (SACS CASI);

  Northwest Association of Accreditors (NWAC).